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About Athena

Complete Energy Solutions

Athena Energy Holdings Pte Ltd offers customized energy solutions across the power industry value chain. From project design to procurement, construction management and operation, we take care of all the needs. Just place your idea and conviction on the table and we will deliver what is best for your business.

Our mission is to develop clean and sustainable green projects to provide our clients with the most suitable long-term energy solutions.

  • Green Field Development
  • Permitting & Financing
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • EPCM
  • Asset Management

Why Athena?

The Fuel that creates Energy

We provide you with the Privileged access to capital and Ability to mobilize financing as needed through existing relationships with banks and financial institutions

A Vibrant & Experienced Team

Professional management team with extensive experience and a successful track record. The team has deep knowledge of our market’s political and regulatory environment and ability to mitigate and manage emerging market risks

Customized Business Model

We understand that one Size doesn't fit all. We provide customized business solutions based on your needs through our trong and relevant business network comprising of leading industry players that offers access, expertise, and resources

Delivering Sustainable Solutions

We deliver our services by injecting passion, integrity, respect and professionalism into our business and conducting our operations with international best practices.

How do We do?

  • Seasoned Management Team with track record of de-risking projects from early stage involvement and control throughout Project life cycle.
  • Focus technology (Solar-PV) during start-up phase, with balanced stakeholder relationships, towards delivering long term, sustainable solutions.
  • Strong Network in ASEAN - APAC countries - Utilities; Industrial Conglomerates; Attract diverse pool of talent across geographies in the region.
  • Customize funding models for each project- Building on DFI, ECA resources, capital markets, Non-recourse debt markets that optimizes shareholders’ risk/return profile while minimizing project funding costs.

Our Strategy

To attract, develop, empower and retain a diverse pool of best-in-class talent across geographies

To contribute to socio-economic development across its focus countries, increasing development within local economies while protecting and contributing to environmental sustainability and ensuring workforce health and safety.

To adhere to strict standards on anti-corruption, anti- money laundering (AML), and countering financing of terrorism (CFT), screening partners systematically and thoroughly.

To de-risk projects from early stage involvement and focus on capital appreciation and preservation throughout the respective life cycle


To engage in proactive dialogue with partners, contractors and financiers in order to optimize financial performance and maximize shareholder returns.


To maintain equitable partnerships and balanced stakeholder relationships, which we believe are crucial to delivering long term, sustainable solutions.


Robust project structure with reputable EPCM-approach with satisfactory mitigation of wrap guarantees for schedule, construction and operational risks.


To optimize funding models for each project, building on DFI and ECA resources, capital markets, bank loans and limited recourse debt markets in a manner that optimizes shareholders’ risk/return profile while minimizing project funding costs.

Our Team

Members of Board

Sherman Lam

Member of Board

Lim Eng Hoe

Member of Board

Management Team

Alan Yau

Chief Executive Officer

Siva Sreedharan

Chief Investment Officer

Diana Gao

Chief Marketing Officer

Llewellyn Owens

Director - Australia

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